Aug 11, 2008

Agatha is back on her feet

Since her arrival Agatha the leopard has been recovering slowly but surely. But the first week was a battle.

She refused to eat or drink for the first week. Her mouth and insides were probably so sore that she could not take anything in. Though this was understandable, it didn’t help her recovery at all. Twice we had to turn to Dr Peter Rodgers the Vet to put her on a drip because she was so dehydrated. On one occasion he even had to tube some food into her stomach so that she could draw some energy from somewhere.

It took her another 2 days to start eating. At first it was only a little bit of meat at a time but she regained her strength quickly and in no time she was back to her old self, attitude wise. She puts up a big fuss when you come near the enclosure to feed her or clean the enclosure. She is not a happy cat, but she is safe and well looked after.

Her wounds seem to be healing well but it is not easy to monitor because she is not a very willing patient.

She will probably be released back to the wild as soon as she is ready to go and when we have found a suitable home for her.

Stay tuned for more updates soon…..

1 comment:

Marg M said...

Thank you for the update...Agatha is a great name for a leopard! It's super to hear that she is making progress as she certainly looked dangerously weak when she arrived at Moholoholo. It must have been worrying during the first week but as you've observed she would have been very uncomfortable and no doubt stressed by being in close contact with humans and the loss of her mum. Golly you've done well...keep up the good work..will watch for further postings