Jun 17, 2009

Kuza and Satara Fight the Big Fight

Having had our little rhino bundles for almost 7 months now, we can hardly describe them as “little”.  Kuza and Satara have grown into ‘2 huge tanks’ and their personalities have grown to match! They still follow their “Rhino Mommies” around and are not bashful to let you know when they want something with a cheerful nudge and a happy whistle.
Sadly the last few weeks Kuza and Satara have both been seriously ill as they became stricken with chronic diarrhea. We tried many different treatments, but to no avail, and as time wore on without any noticeable improvement, we began to fear that we would loose our babies. The local vet was called in and he advised on treatments. He injected our  babies and even went to the drastic measures of getting Kuza and Satara hooked up to drips to re-hydrate them and replenish some of the minerals and vitamins they had been loosing through this terrible ordeal.

Now keeping a baby white rhino still when trying to insert a drip is not an easy feat as one can imagine! Extra hands were needed as it was all systems go and even Tanya Erasmus was roped in from the office to lend a helping hand to her glee!

This was a tense day for everyone at the Rehab Centre and we all watched and waited with baited breath. Kuza and Satara seemed to perk up a little after this… but it was not long and they seemed to be back where they started. We moved them to a new sleeping enclosure and they are now monitored constantly throughout the day. Never a moment goes by when they are not being watched over by a dedicated ‘rhino-sitter’ in the form of one of our many capable volunteers.
It is breaking our hearts to see our usually cheerful and cheeky grey tanks (who usually charge around the rehab) now wondering listlessly through the grounds or laying for long periods under a shady tree.
The vet call-outs, procedures and medication are very costly and a lot of our funds are being pumped into pulling Kuza and Satara through this infliction. As we are a non-profit organization and it is not our policy to ever ask for anything towards the Centre but we often battle to find excess money to pay for emergencies such as this one. This ordeal has cost in the region of R80, 000.00. We would appreciate all the support that we receive and are highly grateful for any donations.

If you would like to assist us in this cause, please contact Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre on:
(015) 795 5236  / +2715 795 5236.
Alternatively you can email us at: moholorehab@vodamail.co.za

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Anonymous said...

Please help Kuza and Satara! As a rhino 'mommy' I spent many hours in January with them and they are amazing animals and deserve all the help they can get. Thank you