Aug 3, 2009

Reach for the Moon and Touch a Star

Everyone has a dream that burns inside of them, a wish that whispers to your heart…“If I could only!”
We have been fortunate to share in these unforgettable moments when we have had the opportunity to help. We would like to share one such child’s moment.Some people never get a chance to realize these dreams and all too often they get left on the roadside of the highway called Life. Other people strive to fulfill these dreams but are not always given enough time to attain them on their own. This is where foundations such as “Make a Wish” step in to take hold of the reigns and steer you towards your dream.

Not very long ago we received a visit from a very special little boy named Menno from Holland. Menno has had a life long passion for Cheetah and one of his dreams was to be able to stroke one. There are not normally many opportunities presented in life that would allow one to come into close quarters with a cheetah, let alone be able to stroke one. This is especially so when you are all of 10 years old! Menno is a cheerful boy with a big smile and twinkling blue eyes who is suffering from bone and lung cancer. When he arrived at Moholoholo, Menno was taken on a tour and was shown some of the animals we have at the centre. He was introduced to our various Vultures, Owls and Eagles. including Dassies, Rhinos, Servals, Leopards and Lions.

Then it was time for the crowning moment…. Menno was taken to meet ‘Shinandi’ one of our resident cheetah. With a sweet face and an even sweeter nature Shinandi greeted Menno with her rumbling purr. Menno was able to stroke and love Shinandi and experience a special moment which is something amazing. Shinandi reciprocated with a lick of the hand seemed to be just as fascinated with Menno as he was by her.

Menno’s father – Paulus was also in for a treat! It was time to feed the Wild dogs and a helper was needed! The excited chatter of the wild dogs filled the air as they knew that they were getting food. To get so close to these mottled animals is something in itself and to see them leaping in the air is a spectacle to remember! The moment that stole the show for us was to hear Menno exclaim that: “This was the happiest day of my life!”

To see the joy in those eyes and expressions of wonderment on his face, makes us so humble and realize how appreciative we should be of everything whether great or small in our lives.On this day we learnt that the tiniest people can teach us the biggest lessons! Never give up on what you believe in and always strive catching a hold of your dreams. Life is what you make of it so live it to the full!

Menno, we would all like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to share in your dreams and allowing us to be a part of this wonderful experience.

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