Mar 23, 2010

Two for Tea???

A few days ago Brian was told about a very full and lethargic, python which was discovered nearby. After being informed Brian set off to investigate. Wondering what on earth this sneaky character had ingested.

On arrival Brian was pointed to the direction of where the python was last sighted – a guinea pig hutch. A quick scan revealed the python’s hiding place. The python had gorged itself on not just one but TWO adult guinea pigs and was looking rather uncomfortable as he settled in to digest the two large bulges in its body.
Quietly and slowly Brian approached the python. As the python had chosen a quiet, out of the way spot to rest whilst it worked its catch through its stomach Brian decided to cover it up and leave it be. Pythons are rather lethargic after partaking in a meal and to allow them to escape quickly from danger they will bring up their food and obviously Brian did not want this to happen.

Pythons are not the only creatures who have this escape mechanism – vultures are also known to regurgitate their food. By lightening their “load” it allows them to make a speedy get away if they feel threatened. Brian will give the python some space of about 2 weeks to finish digesting its rather large meal then the scaly scoundrel will be captured and released far away on a game farm.

Often pythons are persecuted as they fall into the serpent category. They hold value in traditional practices and are also culprits in raiding farmers’ livestock pens. Python skin has also become a popular choice for leather accessories. This along with a dwindling choice of habitat has placed the African Rock Python on the growing list of Vulnerable animals.

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