Oct 6, 2010

Don't Miss Your Chance To Make A Difference

On Monday we released the female leopard, which had been responsible for killing at least 36 ostriches, onto a nearby game reserve, making a little bit more space in our rather full quarantine section. Thinking that we could air it out, we got the students in to clean.

However, this was not to last for very long as... the very next day we had to go and collect another patient who looks like she will be in  there for quite some time.
We received a call about a terrible snaring massacre that resulted in many animals dying a most painful and slow death. There was one survivor that had been found fighting to stay alive but using her very last reserves...
...A lioness.

She had been snared around the head with the wire cutting through her mouth breaking off teeth and leaving her with a gaping grin that exposed gums. She has gashes in the back of her neck in which a person could fit their hand. Strewn around her were the carcasses of 5 other lions, a hyena, two zebras, one wildebeest, three impala and a vulture. On closer investigation it was noted that there were several teeth missing from some of the lions and one had had its paws cut off... a sure sign that these animals had been killed so mercilessly for the sole reason of traditional “muthi” (medicine). The local anti-poaching unit were called to scout the area and pulled out more than 200 snares!

When animals are caught in a snare they are forced to suffer extreme pain as they rip flesh and muscle in their manic attempts to escape. As they work through their energy supplies they become weak. Not being able to eat or drink takes a toll on their bodies too until the life begins to seep out of them and sometimes, days later, they finally die.

She was treated immediately at another venue and once she was relatively stable Brian was called and asked if he would take further care of her. Without a second thought Brian jumped into the vehicle and off he went to collect our newest patient.

Sadly, this lioness has a long way to go, at least 3 months, before she will be even close to fully healed. At the moment she is very nervous about her new surroundings and will obviously be in much pain and discomfort. We now face the very large challenge of raising funds to cover what will soon be an astronomical vet bill! We expect it to reach and exceed R40,000.00!
If you are interested in helping us in our endeavour to help make a difference to an animal that suffered cruelly at the hand of people then please do not hesitate to contact us at the following email address: moholorehab@wol.co.za
Any donation no matter how small will help make a difference and will be greatly appreciated!


abroekhu1 said...

I am immeasurably sad that these practices are still going on. Thank you so much for your efforts to help this poor creature, I hope she gets well soon.


andrea said...

I am so terribly sad to read of this awful situation and for the animals that couldnt be saved. Thank you so much for helping this poor creature. I will be visiting SA in Feb and will definitely be dropping in, I hope she will be well on the way to recovery by then and would like to make a donation then.

Anonymous said...

I was volunteering on the reserve where this happened and saw this lioness just days before the poaching. Even going to see her and the other lions who were sadly killed on foot on some occasions! Please can you update us on how she's doing.

Chantelle said...

Please give us a update on Amarula. Is she doing well? ;-( from Leo Africa (Chantelle Luther)

Chantelle Luther said...

Good Day, we at Leo miss her so much!!! Amarula - the lioness in the photo - was taken from us at Leo Africa - We do research on lion in the Selati with the help of volunteers. She became one of us, tracked her down on foot and with tracking systems. The sad end of this story is, the other lions that died were Amarula's babies.  I just want to say THANK you Moholoholo for taking care of her so well. :-) The volunteers of Leo Africa will be send to moholoholo to go and see the good works the Moholoholo Team does!!!