Nov 22, 2011


Besides from our official animal residents that star in every tour we have a couple of animal residents that roam freely inside the rehab. Bunnies, bucks and dassies form part of our Moholo family too.

The dassies or rock hyrax is biggest “family” we have here at the Rehab, as they form part of one of our breeding projects. Member of one of these families, closely related to elephants -even though their size doesn´t show it -, is Bruce.

Bruce is an older male dassie that was kicked out of his mount, probably by a territorial fight. All we know is he´s decided to adopt the female student quarters and the common room –whenever he gets a chance to slip in – as his new home. Being exiled from his mount, Bruce can no longer live with what used to be his family so he's moved on into making friends with the students. Since then he´s become a highly photographed personality and enjoys constant company and attention.

Staff members are also very fond of him, except when he decides to spend the night in one of their houses or on top of their cars. 

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