Jun 17, 2008

Extremely Frustrated!

That is how Floppy, the little white rhino calf must feel after his ears were , in all likelyhood, torn off by some jackal. Floppy is being taken care of here at Moholoholo Animal Rehabilitaion Center. The manager of the center, Mr Brian Jones, said that Floppy has bandages around his head and has trouble hearing.
Floppy is three weeks old. Floppy was found abandoned on the Karongwe Game Farm two weeks ago by nature conservation students. Floppy was probably rejected by his mother and then left alone, attacked my some jackal which tore off his ears. Floppy was dehydrated and in a bad condition when he was found and brought to Moholoholo.
Students at Moholoholo take turns spending the night with Floppy so that he won't feel alone. Little rhinos need their mothers and without any contact would be severely traumatized. Floppy is now weighing 60kg and is given 1.5 liters of milk every few hours.
It is dificult to say at this point in time if Floppy will ever be rehabilitated to go and live with other rhinos again. Once wild animals have been taken care of for such a long time, they lose their fear of people and aren't used to other wild rhinos.
Floppy will be able to hear again once his bandages are removed but unfortunately he doesn't have any earflaps anymore. Floppy will stay at Moholoholo until he is six or nine months old. We will keep you posted on Floppy's recovery.
You can see more photos of Floppy here...


feitpingvin said...

Poor guy. I hope things go well with him, but I know it is a very difficult situation.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Floppy will be OK. The guys at Moholoholo will take good care of him and he is now famous!

Take that Andy Warhol!