Jun 19, 2008

Reluctant to move

Floppy is doing very well here at Moholoholo. He is enjoying all the attention from all the students looking after him. He still has a bandage around his head protecting his ears while they heal up. The ears are healing beautifully, although he will never have full earlobes again, the remaining halves will have to do. His hearing will never be as it should be but it will be sufficient for him to get on with life.

At the moment we are trying to get him out of the clinic so that he can get some sunlight and walk around a bit. But he refuses to take a step outside. He will come all the way to the door of the clinic and survey the going-on’s outside, but refuses blatantly to take one step outside. We don’t want to force him to go outside because that may put too much stress on him and that would not be good. For the moment then we will be patient and let him emerge at his own pace.

He has put on a lot of weight, looking more like a rhino now. He has a lot more energy and he is starting to complain about his feeding times…Always wanting it to be earlier than it should be. Sometimes he wants his food a whole 30 minutes early.
He wanders from room to room looking for the responsible person that’s supposed to feed him, begging any passers by to feed him. But it is for his own good that we have to feed him at certain times, if we feed just randomly he will definitely get a upset stomach…

Keep you posted…

Corrie van Wyk

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