Jun 26, 2008

A Leopard Story

One month ago we caught and collared a leopard male in the Balule Nature Reserve. Leopards are collared to get more data on the movements and sizes of the leopard's territory which gives us a good idea of the leopard numbers in our area.
Catching leopards is not an easy job. It took us about a year to catch and collar this particular leopard. He is a clever leopard and refused to go into our traps.
The kind of collar we put on the leopard is a GPS(global positioning system) collar. The collar takes up to 5 readings a day which will provide us with information on the movements of this leopard.
More photos here... and have a look at our YouTube Channel...
Check back soon for more info on the movements of this leopard and for more news on Floppy the baby rhino.

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