Oct 22, 2011

Malawi here we come!

We are very proud to say that on the 6th of October we made a small yet successful step into wildlife conservation around the globe. For the first time wild leopards were sent to another country – Malawi- to be released back into the wild.

A few months ago Dr. Anthony Hall Martin from African Parks, contacted us: he needed predators. He had heard that Moholo is constantly rescuing and relocating “problem” animals such as lions, and especially leopards. Why? The Majete’s Wildlife Reserve (Malawi) wildlife had been wiped out by local communities, and in 2003 he had started a repopulation initiative to successfully reintroduce wildlife into this country.
With overseas sponsorship, community work and with a lot of effort, the 75000 hectares of the Majete Wildlife Reserve were fenced. So far the first animals introduced have successfully bred and increased in their numbers. Initially they introduced 250 elephants, 450 buffalo, 250 sable antelope, 12 black rhinos, 35 Lichtenstein hartebeest, waterbuck, eland, impala, etc. 7 years later the park is now ready to take in lions and leopards.
Fortunately 3 “problem” leopards where already staying with us at the Rehab. With the help of many people, especially Environmental Affairs, It was decided we would first send a male and a female. The second male will be sent later on when we find another female to send with him.

Our leopards are now in Malawi and everything seem to be going great for them!. For 2 weeks they will be kept in a pen and then released into their new 75000 hectare home. We will try to send 2 more leopards shortly and give Malawi a second chance and help us in our wildlife conservation pledge

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