Oct 21, 2011

Keeping in touch with and old friend

On a typical Saturday morning we got a call from one of our neighbours: - “Brian we have a massive crocodile lying under the shade of a tree. We need help relocating him”. We set everything and we go on a mission to investigate. It turned out that this crocodile was an old friend of ours. He was rescued eight years ago in the tribal area and was reported to have been eating children and domestic stock. At the time we brought it to our dam, however, due to weed encroachment, he decided to leave us. He walked 2Km away from us, even crossing a tarred road. Now he had been found in our neighbour’s place.

We called in a crocodile expert who tagged along for the adventure. He sedated our 280Kg and 3.3m friend with a muscle relaxant and waited for his jaw to drop, showing us that it had worked and that it was now safe to proceed.

Once we cleared the bush around him and he was in a nice relaxed state, our expert proceeded to cover his eyes and tape his mouth while sitting on him. With the help of our students and the staff we then picked it up, and with much effort (did we mention it was an almost 300kg croc?!) we loaded him on the back of one of the pick-ups to move him to his new home. We drove deeper into our neighbour’s property towards a big dam where he could be released. When we found the right place we felt quite jealous of the amazing view he’s now got!

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