Oct 22, 2011


Being a rehabilitation centre our main goal is to reintroduce wildlife to their natural environments and this month we feel very proud of it. Many animals come to our rehab every day. Some of them are injured, some are orphaned. We make our effort and our mission that the animals that are brought in make it and have the best life possible.

 This month we’ve had the opportunity to relocate and release 2 leopards that were brought in, trapped in snares, 2 fierce honey badgers that were causing some problems in a pig farm, 2 servals – on of which had to stay in the clinic a couple of weeks since he was injured when hit by a car and a brown hyena –also caught in a snare trap. We were also very lucky to quickly relocate 7 lion cubs from a nearby game farm along with a snared lioness that had been with us for over a year.

At the moment we are also rehabilitating 3 Duikers, a young Honey Badger, two wild Serval kittens, Genets and many more! We will keep you posted on how they are doing so we can share our joy with you as each day draws comes nearer to them being released

To us, this has been a very successful month

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