Oct 22, 2011

Update on Rocky

Rocky -our baby white rhino- is completely blind. This was caused by a hard hit on the head by the poachers that took his mother’s life. Due to this set back in his life precautions must be made to avoid unnecessary noises such as a squeaking wheel barrow passing nearby or even the vehicles coming in and out must go at snail pace. This little “tank” is easily spooked, even if he can’t see, he has fortunately grown used to his human mommies voices and he follows them with assurance.

There is always great excitement if an animal especially rhino’s have a bowel movement, as 99.9% of the time the stress they have gone through having lost their mothers, causes constipation A few days earlier, Jessie –our volunteer staff and rhino mom- came running excitedly to the office. She had a bucket with Rocky’s first bowel movement, this might seem a strange thing to rejoice about but this means our rhino is finally adapting to his new environment.

Having been stable for a while under the constant care of two volunteer mommies, he has returned to his owner and his home!.

We are sure he will be taken care of and will be given the type of attention he needs.

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