Oct 22, 2011

Owl Season

The past couple of months have been owl crazy, it seems like they are falling from the sky... wait they kinda are!

A Giant Eagle Owl was brought in after being hit by a car with a broken beak. Fortunately his condition was not too bad and after being kept in the clinic a little while, our efforts worked! We then put him in an outside cage to everyone’s joy. As soon as he has healed totally we will be able to release him back in to the wild.

This year as well we’ve had many baby Barn Owls brought in. At least 8 of them –including our famous Simon and Garfunkel- are now living in an outside cage after being hand raised by our students. Most of the time they are brought in because people complain about the noise in their roofs and want them removed. Have you ever heard a barn owl? It is a beautiful noise! We hope to release all of them soon; we’ll let you know when we do!

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